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                                Our Campus

                                Main Campus Map


                                • AF

                                  Anderson Field

                                • B

                                  Bookstore/Titan Shops

                                • BA

                                  Becker Amphitheater

                                • CC

                                  Children's Center

                                • CP

                                  bbin公司官网College Park

                                • CPAC

                                  bbin公司官网Clayes Performing Arts Center

                                • CY

                                  Corporate Yard

                                • CS

                                  bbin公司官网Computer Science

                                • DBH

                                  Dan Black Hall

                                • E


                                • EC

                                  Education Classroom

                                • EPS

                                  Eastside Parking Structure

                                • GAH

                                  Golleher Alumni House

                                • GH

                                  bbin公司官网Gordon Hall (formerly University Hall)

                                • GF

                                  Goodwin Field

                                • H

                                  Humanities & Social Sciences

                                • LH

                                  Langsdorf Hall

                                • MH

                                  bbin公司官网McCarthy Hall

                                • P

                                  Parking and Transportation Office

                                • RH

                                  Residence Halls

                                • PL

                                  Pollak Library

                                • RGC

                                  Ruby Gerontology Center

                                • SHCC

                                  bbin公司官网Student Health and Counseling Center

                                • SGMH

                                  bbin公司官网Steven G. Mihaylo Hall

                                • SH

                                  bbin公司官网Student Housing

                                • SRC

                                  bbin公司官网Student Rec Center

                                • TG

                                  Titan Gym

                                • TH

                                  Titan House

                                • T Hall

                                  Titan Hall

                                • TS

                                  Titan Stadium

                                • TSU

                                  Titan Student Union

                                • UP

                                  University Police

                                • VA

                                  Visual Arts

                                • NPS

                                  bbin公司官网Nutwood Parking Structure

                                • SCPS

                                  State College Parking Structure

                                • Entrance Numbers

                                • 1

                                  bbin公司官网Folino Drive

                                • 2

                                  Short Term Visitor Parking

                                • 3

                                  Nutwood Parking Structure

                                • 4

                                  Arts Drive

                                • 5

                                  Student Union Way

                                • 6

                                  Gymnasium Drive

                                • 7

                                  West Campus Drive

                                • 8

                                  bbin公司官网Children's Way

                                • 9

                                  bbin公司官网Stadium Way

                                • 10

                                  bbin公司官网Associated Road

                                • Parking icon   Parking Lots and Structures

                                • EPS

                                  Eastside Parking Structure

                                • NPS

                                  bbin公司官网Nutwood Parking Structure

                                • SCPS

                                  bbin公司官网State College Parking Structure


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